Where’s My Refund: Check if your IRS Tax Return is approved or not!

Where’s My Refund is a web-based portal introduced by the Internal Revenue Service for e-filers to check their tax refund status. An individual who has electronically filed for returns using any software of IRS Free File needs to know that it is mandatory to have Social Security Number, Adjusted Gross Income and other required details to check whether his/her tax return is accepted or not.

Where’s My Refund

The 2023 tax season officially started from 23rd January and it is going to last till now 18th April, according to the IRS a taxpayer who files for refund electronically receives the returns within 21 days, if he/she has opted the option to get it through the direct benefits, those who e file for tax refund and choose the option of check to get it have to wait hardly 4 weeks to get it delivered to his/her residential address.

Just 24 hours after filing a refund electronically using any software recommended by the Internal Revenue Service, an individual can easily track the refund status using the SSN, AGU, and other required credentials through the WHERE’S My REFUND tool. You need to know that refunds which are e-filed are accepted within 7 days and after that it takes 14 and 21 days to get direct deposit and check, respectively.

10 out of 9 refunds are electronically filed are received within 3 weeks, some refund are not issued by the expected date due to the pending verification, if one file for return on paper, he/she have to even wait for more than 6 months to receive it through any mode, to check refund status for paper filing and invisible have to wait at least 4 weeks, so maximum of taxpayer choose the option of e-File to get refund.

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IRS2Go App Download 

The status of refund e-filing can be even tracked using the mobile application IRS2Go, this mobile application is launched by Internal Revenue Service for the citizens residing on the territory of United States to check the return status, you can download it for free from Play Store or App Store, the interface of this mobile application is very simple just by running it and providing the required credentials an individual can check the status of refund e-filing.

The mobile application IRS2Go is similar to Where’s My Refund tool, because here an individual has to provide the same credentials, which is asked on the web-based portal to track the return status. There are three stages in the refund status, which are approved, accepted and sent, knowing the meaning of the following form of the listed details.

  • Approved – Using the Where’s My Refund tool, if you find your return status as approved that means your refund is accepted by IRS and you are likely to get it very soon through the opted option.
  • Sent – After checking the IRS Return Status, if you come to know that your refund is sent then you will like to get it within 7 days.
  • Received – if the IRS Tax Returns status so that received that means you have received your Direct Deposit or Check.

Even after a week of filing for Tax refund electronically your tax refund is not accepted, then you have to contact the concerned official to get details in this regard, you must know that once the refund is accepted hardly in 14 days you will receive it through the direct deposit.

Where’s my refund

Track IRS Tax Returns

Don’t you know how to check the return status using the online tool of the Internal Revenue Service, Where’s My Refund?, then you have to go through the procedure which we have listed below.

  • Go to the only official website of the IRS, whose URL is irs.gov/.
  • Lookout for an option of Get Your Refund Status and tap on it.
  • Now, you will find an option that reads Check Your Refund, hit on it.
  • Provide details such as Tax Year, SSN, Filing Status & Refund Amount and then hit the Submit button.

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