TDS Refund Status, Check By Acknowledgement Number, Refund Types

The Income Tax Department provides an online service for monitoring the TDS Refund Status. Ten days after their refund has been sent, taxpayers can check their TDS Refund Status. To verify the status of your TDS Refund, you must insert your PAN number and choose the Assessment Year. Below is more information, in great detail.

TDS Refund Status

The terms “Income Tax Refund” and “TDS Refund” both suggest that if you overspend your taxes, you can request a tax refund from the income tax office. In other words, when the amount of income tax paid exceeds the amount of income tax payable for a specific assessment year, an income tax or TDS refund occurs.

TDS refund is computed and paid to you after filing your income tax return and accounting for all permitted deductions and exemptions. To request an income tax refund or TDS refund, you must submit an ITR. For your convenience, the TDS Refund Status is also available online.

How To Claim TDS Refund?

You only need to submit your income tax return and written documentation of your deductions to the department in order to receive your income tax refund or TDS refund. It is crucial to keep in mind that filing the form online is required in order to receive your income tax refund.

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Steps To Check TDS Refund Status

By entering your PAN information and assessment year on, you may check the status of your TDS refund ten days after the Assessing Officer has submitted the refund to your bank. The status of your TDS refund is also reflected under the “Tax Credit Statements” section in your Form 26AS.

  • Step 1: At the very first visit –
  • Step 2: Then, in order to login, enter your PAN, e-filing password, and captcha code.
  • Step 3: Then, on the dashboard, choose “View returns/forms.”
  • Step 4: Pick the income tax return from the drop-down option at this point.
  • Step 5: Finally, if your TDS refund has been processed and released, click on the acknowledgment number to view the information about the TDS refund payment option, TDS refund amount, and the date of credit.

TDS Refund Status

Different TDS Refund Status

Here are the different TDS Refund Status and their meaning:

Different TDS Refund Status Meaning
Not determined That your income tax refund has not yet been processed is indicated by this TDS Refund Status. In these situations, you must verify that your income tax return has been reviewed and filed.
Refund Paid


This TDS Refund Status indicates that the refund has been processed by the Income Tax Department and has been issued to you through paper check or direct debit to your bank account number.
Assessment Year Not Displayed in Refund  Status There has not been an income tax e-return submitted for this PAN, according to the TDS Refund status. In other words, it indicates that you might have missed the cutoff for electronically filing your return. You must proceed to file your income-tax return right away if this is the case.
No Demand No Refund You may have requested a refund in the case of this TDS refund status, but according to the income-tax department’s computations, you are not entitled to any refunds. This typically occurs when the computations for your TDS data and their TDS details differ.
Refund Unpaid The Income Tax administration has processed and released the refund, according to this online TDS return status, however, either your bank information or your address is wrong. To verify the status of the TDS refund in this situation, you must go to your Refund Banker’s website and input your PAN information and Assessment year.
Refund for ITR processed, determined, and sent to refund banker The Income Tax administration has likely finished calculating your return and generated a refund request if this online TDS refund status is shown. Your refund banker has been given the specifics of the TDS refund for additional processing and distribution.
Demand Determined This TDS refund status indicates that the Income Tax authorities have rejected your refund request. Instead, the department sent you a claim for any salary you may have earned. The IT department would send you a notification with information on the reason and the precise amount of the unmet demand. Consult the notification to understand and learn more about what caused the difference between the two tax amounts.
Contact Jurisdictional Assessing Officer This TDS refund status indicates that the Income Tax division needs to clarify something or collect more data for your Income-tax Return. To supply the necessary information, get in touch with the AO (also referred to as the Jurisdictional Assessing Officer) for your area via phone, email, or letter.

Possible Reasons For The Income Tax Refund Delay

A delayed income tax refund could occur for a number of different reasons.

  • Not Verified

If you filed an ITR but neglected to validate it, the ITR will not be processed further and there won’t be a refund given.

  • Wrong Bank Account Number

If the bank account number you provided is incorrect, your refund may be delayed. You can submit a refund reissue request in this situation.

  • Delayed filing

Your reimbursement will be delayed correspondingly if you filed your return after the deadline.

  • Wrong computations

If you filled out your return with incorrect information, the IT department will notify you and request additional information. The lengthy process will cause a delay in your reimbursement.

  • Defective Return

If you don’t respond to the same within a reasonable amount of time after your return is tagged as defective under section 139(9), your reimbursement will be postponed.

  • Return Revised

Your reimbursement will inevitably be delayed if you made a clerical error and changed your return as a result.

  • Offline verification

It becomes clear that your reimbursement will be delayed if you verified the returns offline by mailing them to Bangalore. Therefore, one should never choose offline mode over internet mode.

It would be very beneficial to you to check the TDS Refund Status and many other things since we have provided entire information about the TDS Refund Status in the above article.

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