Tata Harrier EV 2023 Price 30 Lakh, Launch Date, Specifications & Battery Capacity

₹30,00,000/- After Tata completed its design, the Harrier EV was unveiled at the Auto Expo 2023. Tata Motors has not yet announced a launch date for this futuristic-looking vehicle, which is anticipated to occur in the second quarter of 2025. The anticipated Tata Harrier EV pricing ranges between ₹25,00,000 and ₹30,00,000.

  • An almost-production-ready idea called Harrier EV has been unveiled.
  • will include a dual-motor layout and an all-wheel drive system.
  • includes V2L and V2V charging capabilities as well.

Tata Harrier EV 2023

On January 11, 2023, Tata Motors unveiled the Harrier EV Concept at the Auto Expo 2023. The Harrier EV will have five seats, just like the regular Harrier. The show car at the expo had a fascia that was modelled after the Curvv Concept.

Tata has not yet provided any technical information about the Harrier EV. However, they have said that the Gen2 design will serve as the foundation for the electric SUV, which will feature an AWD setup. The battery pack’s specifications and power output have not yet been made public.

The Harrier EV Concept’s cabin will differ slightly from the normal Harrier’s in production form. Along with improved touchscreen technology and a digital driver’s display, the interior of the vehicle may also have more features and room. A panoramic sunroof, smartphone integration, networking tools, and some form of ADAS technology would all be included on the feature list.


TATA Harrier EV Concept Design

The Harrier EV shares a lot of similarities with its ICE predecessor in terms of appearance, but it also stands out enough as an EV. It has the same split headlamp design up front, but a new LED light bar that extends the entire width of the SUV.

Additionally, the front bumper has been altered with new sharp creases and a deep-set, blackened housing for the primary headlamp cluster. There is also a new blanked-off grille. In addition, the central air intake has undergone additional modifications, including the addition of an EV-specific blanked-off screen.

The profile doesn’t undergo many modifications, but it does become fresh. bigger concept-like wheels, sleek door handles, and ‘EV’ logos on the fenders. The Harrier EV’s rear features reprofiled taillamps and a new LED light bar that spans the width of the tailgate. Additionally, the body cladding on the rear bumper has been given a smoother finish and new angular indents.

Tata Harrier EV price

TATA Harrier EV 2023 Interior

We anticipate Tata to utilize a more advanced infotainment system for the Harrier EV than it does for the normal Harrier when it goes into production. Other than that, the Harrier’s conventionally powered interior design is anticipated to stay intact.

The five-seater SUV will provide plenty of interior room in addition to the contemporary creature comforts expected in its class. This will have connectivity, a panoramic sunroof, an electronic driver’s display, and possibly ADAS as well.

TATA Harrier EV Price Performance and Range

Depending on the configuration chosen, the anticipated Tata Harrier EV pricing ranges upto 30,00,000 Lakh. Since Tata has not disclosed any significant technical information regarding this vehicle, estimates of its range range from 350 to 400 kilometres on a single charge.  

The Harrier EV’s Gen2 architecture has been verified by Tata Motors at the Auto Expo 2023. Additionally, it will have an AWD arrangement, which calls for two motors—one on each axle. There haven’t been any further technical disclosures on the battery’s power output, range, or charging capacity.  

The Harrier EV will also have the ability to charge from a vehicle to a load and from one vehicle to another vehicle. V2V denotes that the automobile can charge other electric vehicles, whereas V2L simply says that the car can be used to power other external equipment.

Tata Harrier EV

TATA Harrier EV 2023 Dimensions

The Tata Harrier EV is an SUV in the D-segment. The estimated dimensions of this vehicle are 4598mm long, 1894mm broad, 1706mm height, and 2741mm for the wheelbase. A 425-liter trunk is projected for the Harrier EV D-segment SUV.









Boot Space


Ground Clearance


Tyre Size (Base)

235/70 R16

Tyre Size (Top)

235/65 R17


TATA Harrier EV Variants and Competitors

It is anticipated that the Tata Harrier EV will be offered in variations like the Nexon EV when the production version goes on sale. This might apply to XM, XZ, XZ Lux, and similar products. The Harrier EV won’t have a straight electric substitute when it goes on sale in India.

Since it is anticipated to be priced competitively as well, the models it will compete with do not have any electric variants.

The interior and a lot of other technical specifications and features of the Tata Harrier EV 2023 hasn’t been seen well, but it is expected to include a sizable touchscreen and a few additional features.

Tata did confirm that the Harrier EV will have cloud-linked telematics, over-the-air updates, and connected car technology.