State of the Union 2023, Joe Biden Speech, Where to watch Live?

On Tuesday, February 7, 2023, at 9 p.m. ET, US President Joe Biden will give his second State of the Union 2023 address since Republicans took control of the House of Representatives. This speech may serve as the unofficial beginning of the 2024 presidential campaign season.

State of the Union 2023

Final preparations are being made at the White House for President Biden’s second State of the Union speech in 2023. On Tuesday, February 7th, President Biden will travel to Capitol Hill to address the Supreme Court, his cabinet, and both chambers of Congress.

His third speech before a joint session of the US Congress, it will be his second State of the Union Address. Kevin McCarthy, the speaker of the House, and Kamala Harris, the vice president serving as Senate president, will preside over the joint session. The STATE OF THE UNION 2023 will be broadcast on most major networks and is scheduled to start at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.

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State of the Union 2023 Address Importance

According to statistics, in 2022, some 38 million people in the country watched the speech on television. As he prepares to declare his re-election campaign for the next election, Joe Biden will have the opportunity to influence people’s opinions on social spending, the Russia-Ukraine war, the debt ceiling, and other topics.

The second State of the Union Address by Joe Biden in 2023 will also serve as a chance for him to win over Democrats who may be wary of him due to his age and other factors. He turned 80 in November, and if re-elected, he will be 82 when his second term officially begins.

State of the Union

What is President Biden expected to talk about in his State of the Union 2023 Address?

With a divided Congress, President Biden will be able to outline his strategy for the next two years and highlight how his legislative priorities differ from those of the GOP at the State of the Union address.

In his speech, Biden is anticipated to lay out his policy priorities, which Congress may or may not embrace, as the unofficial start of his 2024 presidential campaign. Social Security and Medicare are two of the programmes Republicans have proposed cutting or changing. However, as these plans began to circulate, former President Donald Trump cautioned members of his party that they should resist such cuts because of their popularity among seniors.

 Additionally, he could discuss how the economy is doing since the recession that followed the corona virus pandemic, draw stark comparisons between his priorities and those of some of his Republican opponents, and discuss the issues on the unity agenda that the president thinks will bring the two parties together.

Before accepting a rise to the nation’s debt ceiling, Republican leaders have made it clear that they want to pressure Democrats into making cuts to their share of the federal budget.

The speech is prepared over several weeks by Biden, his speechwriters, and other political and policy professionals working for the administration.

Where to stream Live State of the Union Address 2023?

Visit to view the State of the Union speech live. Watch President Biden’s State of the Union address through the White House’s official social media channels. Major US broadcast television networks and the internet, including CNN, C-SPAN, ABC, FOX news, NBC, and CBS, will carry the speech live.

As the political capital of the nation, Washington, D.C., bars and eateries are hosting watch parties for anyone wishing to catch the president of the United States of America.

Who Will Answer For The Republicans?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the governor of Arkansas and former press secretary to Donald Trump, has been chosen by Republicans to provide their rebuttal. Usually, that speech follows right after the president’s address.

There are several methods for the public to view the State of the Union 2023 Address and the Republican response because networks have substantial coverage scheduled before, during, and after the event to explore what Biden will mention and reactions to the speech. The joint session of Congress will hear from Biden at 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Check More Worlds Updates