SECR Portal Salary Slip 2023 Download, Login, Grievance Status

All SECR employees are able to get the SECR Portal Salary Slip 2023 by visiting the South East Central Railway Personnel Department’s official website,, where the SECR Pay Slip 2023 will be made available. To get their pay stubs, all members can log in to the SECR portal using their 11-digit PAN number and EMP number.

SECR Portal Salary Slip 2023

One of India’s eighteen railway zones is called SECR. The South East Central Railway Personnel Department’s headquarters will be in Bilaspur, where it was in 2003, 18 years ago. When it comes to the SECR Portal, it was primarily designed with the company’s staff in mind. Employees can access all the information about the SECR Pay Slip 2023 using this online web portal at

The SECR Portal Salary Slip 2023 contained information on various payments made to employees. We may say that the SECR Payment Slip is a very crucial document because it serves as employment evidence and is required if you want a loan or credit card.

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Portal Name SECR Portal
Launched By South East Central Railway personnel department
Objective Provide Employee Salary Slip and Payment Details through a single window access
Article Category Portal
Beneficiaries Employees of the SECR
Location Bilaspur
Official website
Homepage JKDSD.ORG

Employees can access a variety of services online thanks to the SECR site, which offers many advantages. Employees of SECR can obtain SECR Portal Pay Slip 2023 with the use of this portal. Many employees visit to download their pay stubs. You must need your 11-digit EMP number and PAN card to log into your account in order to access your SECR Portal Salary Slip 2023.

Seniority List Available on SECR Portal

Raipur District:

  • Electrical(TRD)
  • Electrical(TRS)
  • ENGG General Admin
  • Mechanical(C & W)
  • Mechanical(DLS)
  • Mechanical(LOCO)
  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Electrical(G)
  • Electrical(MIN)
  • Electrical(OP)
  • Mechanical(MIN)
  • Medical Operating
  • Personnel S&T(Sig)
  • S&T(Tele)

List of Online Forms On SECR Portal

Additionally, there are various forms that employees can use on the SECR Portal. Here is a list of various online forms:

  • Bank Option Form.
  • Callahan Form.
  • Application of Higher Education.
  • Combine nomination form.
  • Composite Transfer Grant.
  • Family Declaration format.
  • Encashment of LAP.
  • FATCH_self_ Declaration _ Format for NPS.
  • HRA Form-A.
  • HRA Form-B.
  • HRA Form-C.
  • HRA Form-D
  • Ex-India Leave application Performa.
  • Passport Application Performa.
  • Moveable transaction permission.
  • Immovable transaction permission.
  • Pass form.
  • PTO Form.
  • House Building Advance.
  • Scooter Computer Advance.
  • Legal Heir.
  • NPS S-2 Form.
  • NPS partial withdrawal Form.

SECR Portal Salary Slip 2023 Details

Employees receive numerous types of information on their pay stubs.:-

  • Employee HRA.
  • Employee DA.
  • Employee Allowance.
  • Gross Income of employee.
  • Employee salary deduction.
  • Employee Net amount.
  • Basic pay of the employee.

SECR Portal Login

Follow the steps below to log into the portal if you want to:

Step 1: Visit, which is the official website, first.

Step 2: You can log in as an employee by clicking the button on the home page.

Step 3: The login form will now show up in your front.

Step 4: You must enter your ID and password here.

Step 5: Click the login button once you’ve finished entering all the information.

Step 6: You will log onto the website in this manner.

SECR Portal Pay Slip 2023 Download

Anyone who works for an employer can view their pay stub by following the instructions below:

Step 1: You need to start by visiting the Portal’s official webpage.

Step 2: You must now select your login option.

Step 3: The login form will now appear in front of you, requiring you to input your PAN number and 11-digit employee number.

Step 4: You must now select the login button.

Step 5: salary slip will now appear in front of you, allowing you to review its contents.

Step 6: selecting the download button, you may now obtain your pay stub.

SECR Portal Benefits

To view or print your paystubs, access them securely. This is the Indian Railways Portal, which was created to give users a single point of access to the information and services offered by the many Indian Railways entities.

Additionally, employees have access to their leave balance and seniority, both of which are important factors in promotions. Employees can register their transfer requests using the portal’s additional feature by providing three posting options. The grievance registration option is the most crucial one that the portal offers. Online grievance registration and status tracking is available to employees.

In order for personnel to stay informed about opportunities and deputations both inside and outside of Railways, this portal also serves as a platform for sending alerts that are pertinent to them.

Services Available on SECR Portal

The services offered by the SECR site are accessible to employees after logging in.

  • All the online forms.
  • Employee characters.
  • Gazetted orders.
  • Employee Login.
  • Grievance Status.
  • HRMS Link.
  • Seniority List.
  • Establishment Rules.

SECR Portal Form 16 Download

Following the instructions below will allow all railway employees who want to download Form 16 to do so. Form 16 is used to claim a tax deduction.

Step 1: Visit the SECR Portal’s official website.

Step 2: Now click the link to the form displayed in the image below.

Step 3: Download the SECR Portal Form 16 PDF.

Step 4: The form16 PDF link must now be clicked.

Step 5: Click the download button that is now visible on the page.

Step 6: Your application is about to download.

Calling the helpline number listed on the official website will assist you to find a solution if you are having issues with the SECR Portal Salary slip 2023.

Both the employer and the employee are required to contribute equally to the EPF from the employee’s dearness allowance and base pay. 12% of the employee’s pay is contributed by the employer to the EPF. Similar to this, the employer deducts 12% of the employee’s income each month as an EPF contribution.

If the SECR employees have any issues regarding the SECR Salary slip or EPF and need to file a complaint they can do so through the EPFO portal. The EPFO grievance system, which is essentially an online platform that offers solutions to all of the common concerns faced by the employees in one place, was developed by EPFO taking the mandate into consideration. Employees can file grievances about their EPF withdrawal claim, EPF Passbook, etc. using the EPO grievance portal.

How to file PF Grievance Online?

Step 1: Navigate to the EPF I Grievance Management System at

Step 2: Open the form by selecting Register Grievance from the home menu.

Step 3: Inbox, enter your UAN number and security code.

Step 4: Click on Get Details to retrieve your information from the website.

Step 5: Review the information displayed.

Step 6: Select Send OTP to Mobile Number.

Step 7: After Confirmation, select the Grievance category for your complaint.

Step 8: add Compliant Description

Step 9: If necessary, upload scanned papers.

Step 10: Type in the Captcha code.

Step 11: Press the Submit button.

Once you have submitted your complaint a unique reference ID is assigned to your request for future reference.

How to know the PF Grievance Status?

  • It is a simple technique to check the status of a case. The following is a step-by-step procedure for determining the status of a complaint:
  • Return to the official EPFiGMS webpage.
  • Select ‘View Status’ from the menu.
  • Enter the registration number you were given when you registered your complaint.
  • If the lawsuit was filed on an older edition of the website, provide the grievance password or phone number/email ID.
  • Enter the security code that appears on the screen.
  • Select the ‘Submit’ option.
  • The EPF grievance status of the complaint will then be displayed on the screen.

South East Central Railway Contact Details

Address: South East Central Railway
New Zonal Building
Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh
Pin – 495004.

Helpline Number» 247002/ 247003/ 247008
Email Address» [email protected]