Romantic Killer Season 2 Episode 12 Review, Story Line, Ending Explained

Today anime shows are getting a great deal of response from an audience, which is why Netflix has paid attention to this interest and decided to bring its original series Romantic Killer Season 2. However, Romantic Killer (season 1) comprises 12 episodes in both Japanese and English subtitles, exclusively available On Netflix. Let’s discuss this thrilling series in detail below.

Romantic Killer Season 2

On October 27, 2022, Netflix released the 12-episode first season of the original anime Romantic Killer, adapted from Wataru Momose’s manga of the same name. In the show, there is a reflection of the official synopsis of the manga.

A high school student named Anzu Hoshino lives a beautiful life. Her daily routine includes playing video games, eating snacks, and petting her cat. She is surprised to discover that her blissful existence has been disrupted by a strange creature that transports her to an altered reality where all her favorites are missing.

As a result of these circumstances, Anzu is forced to contemplate romance with many possible suitors, a dynamic that dominates the first season. It is everything we know about what’s next for the show.

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Does Netflix is planning to Release Romantic Killer Season 2?

Although no official confirmation has been given, early indications point to Romantic Killer being renewed for a second season. There are several reasons for this.

The first reason is, in the past, Netflix has had a successful track record of renewing its original anime series. For shows such as 7 Seeds, Aggretsuko, and Baki, multiple seasons have been ordered. The second reason for the second season’s high stakes is that the Romantic Killer ending is far from conclusive.

Lastly, the manga has four complete volumes, but only two have been translated and officially released in English. It implies that the story still has a lot to tell.

The likelihood of Romantic Killer getting renewed will decline if the show fails to succeed. It is unlikely, however, given that the manga has a large fan base.

Romantic Killer Season 2

What is the storyline or plot of Romantic Killer (Season 1)

A high school student named Anzu Hoshino finds herself suddenly forced into one of shojo fiction’s dream scenarios. It is the experience of being romantically pursued by the most famous guy at school. Despite not being interested in romance, a fairy named Riri sets out to play a matchmaker for Anzu. Anzu can’t return to the single life she’s always enjoyed unless she confronts her courtship head-on.

Though the concept may seem wacky initially, something is intriguing about a Shojo heroine who does not want to get involved in romance. This plot involves a magical realm devising a plan to increase the human population by breaking one young heart at a time. As a fairy who hates romance, Riri proclaims Anzu to be the ideal candidate for this test.

What might be the plot of Romantic Killer Season 2?

There is a high chance that the second season will carry on directly from the first, as Anzu continues to deal with her relationship with the boys as Riri’s return places much higher stakes on her shoulders. Anzu’s desires are eroded – again – by the ticking-clock device! That would provide her with solid motivation to rethink her relationships with Hijiri, Tsukasa, and Junta.

Romantic Killer: Is it Worth Watching?

It also reflects the visible changes teenagers undergo during adolescence, bringing everyone’s attention to oneself, which may not be as flattering as some might think. There are actually multiple aspects to the story, even though it may seem like only one aspect is the focus. Watch the series until the end before making any judgments. Nothing is disappointing about this anime. The movie neither pitches an extravagant love triangle to mess up with the viewers’ emotions nor does it restrict itself to an angsty interpretation of love.

This story is not so much about romance as it is about the growth of these characters together. Moreover, Riri’s character lovingly plays with gender stereotypes.

Despite ample time for us to fall in love with the series and grow into the characters, the series leaves us with the supreme moral of staying true to who we are and helping a friend in need. While you may not know how to handle their anxieties, you can still hold out your hand to let them know that you care and are willing to support them. So overall, Romantic Killer is worth watching.

Romantic Killer has already been released on Netflix on Thursday, October 27, 2022, extending the streaming giant’s anime collection. Moreover, this review is about Romantic Killer 2 and how the story will continue. I hope you find it helpful!