IRS Amended Return Status: How to track Online or via Phone Number?

Did you discover an error on your tax return or that you were missing out on a significant tax refund or deduction? To rectify the error, you can submit an amended tax return. The procedure of filing an amended tax return with the IRS is simple. Here we have everything you require about your IRS Amended Return Status right here.

IRS Amended Return Status

Any tax return that you submit to fix a mistake for taxes from that year is referred to as an amended return. An revised return can be filed three years after your original return was filed. IRS Amended Return Status take longer to complete because they cannot be filed online like regular returns can. The IRS states that it can take up to 20 weeks to complete an amended return and issue a refund.

It will take about three weeks for the IRS to receive your return and enter it into the system, allowing you to track it. It can take up to 16 weeks for the IRS to process your return and issue a refund or send you a tax bill after it is entered into the system. You can check your IRS Amended Return Status from the official IRS website.

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Track IRS Amended Tax Return Status

Your amended tax return can be tracked using one of two simple ways. To check the tracking, you have the following choices if you submitted a form 1040x for an amended tax return:

Track Online

  1. Online tracking is one of the simplest methods. An Internet-connected gadget is all that is required.
  2. Go to and select the “Where’s My Revised Return” section after that.

Track by Phone

1. You can also check the progress of your amended tax return by calling 866-464-2050. Next, inquire about the state of the procedure.

Amended Tax Return Timeline

The timetable for filing an amended tax return is as follows:

  • The IRS’s system may take up to 3 weeks to update with the revised return.
  • The processing of the money or the return could take up to 16 weeks.
  • You should probably verify the status of your amended return if your case takes longer than this
    period to be resolved.

IRS Amended Return Status

What do the different amended statuses mean?

When you examine the status of your return, you might see a variety of outcomes, including:

  • Return received
  • Return adjusted
  • Return completed

The following is what each modified status means:

  • Your amended return has been received and is being handled if it displays as having been received. Processing can take up to 16 weeks after it has been received.
  • If your amended return is marked as adjusted, an adjustment was made to your original return, and depending on how the correction affects your tax return, this adjustment will either result in a tax refund, a balance owing, or no change to your tax liability.
  • If your amended return displays as finished, the IRS has already filed the return and is mailing you the necessary documentation.
  • The IRS adds that you can check the system daily to find out the state of your amended return because its Where’s My Amended Return database updates only once a day, usually late at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

When must one submit a corrected tax return?

In general, you should submit a revised return for the reasons listed below:

  • a mistake in the reporting of revenue, such as failing to include income on a W-2 or 1099 form
  • A mistake in the status of your filing, such as submitting jointly when you intended to file singly
  • claiming or amending deductions for a kid or new spouse, for example
  • Making a refund claim or correction, such as for a child tax credit

You shouldn’t submit a revised tax return if

  • You submitted your return but neglected to affix a W-2.
  • You messed up your arithmetic (the IRS will catch it while processing and send you a notice)
  • Your initial e-return is rejected by the IRS.
    You receive a CP2000 notification from the IRS.

Will the IRS know if you don’t amend your return?

Although there are significant exceptions, the IRS typically only audits tax returns from the preceding three tax years. Therefore, even though it might be alluring to hold off on admitting a mistake until the IRS catches you, it might be less expensive to come clean sooner rather than later.
On unpaid tax debts dating all the way back to the initial tax payment due date, the IRS assesses interest and penalties. Therefore, the cost of fixing a mistake can increase the longer you delay.

What will happen if the IRS rejects your amended return?

The IRS may in some cases refuse your amended return, in which case they will formally deny your claim by sending you a notice of claim disallowance. You have three options at this point: accept their denial, challenge, or bring a lawsuit in federal court.

As a result, it could take up to three months for your refund to arrive if you submitted an amended return. You can easily verify the IRS Amended Return Status on the IRS website.

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