Economic Survey 2023, What is it? Importance & History!

V Anantha Nageswaran, Chief Economic Adviser, is going to present the Economic Survey 2023 on January 31, 2023. It is released every year just a day before the presentation of the Union Budget, on which you will find detailed information about the economic performance of the country in the previous financial year.

Economic Survey 2023

The budget session is going to start from today i.e. 21st January 2023 which will end on 23rd February 2023, India’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will table the Economic Survey 2023 in Parliament today just after the President’s address, after which it will be publicly released by India’s Chief Economic Advisor. 

Document  Economic Survey 
For Final Year 2022-23
Release Date  31 January 2033
Prepared By Economic Division 
Release By V Anantha Nageswaran
Homepage  JKDSD

By reading the Economic Survey, you can get comprehensive economic data and all the information related to the economic progress of the country in the final year 2022-23. The Economic Survey 2023 has been prepared by the Economic Division of the Department of Economic Affairs under the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. 

What is the Economic Survey?

Economic Survey is a document that is released every year a day before the presentation of the budget. In this document detailed information is available about the financial condition of India in the previous financial year. In this document last year’s inflation, unemployment, stock exchange, agriculture, industrial production, etc, details are present. 

The information available on the Economic Survey helps to prepare strategy for better economic performance in the coming financial year, it means that with the help of the Economic Survey 2023, the Union Budget 2023-24 has been prepared, so that more and more citizens can get benefit from this and the economic growth of the country remain better in the financial year 2023-23.

Economic Survey

Economic Survey Importance 

By reading the financial report, the policymakers would be able to calculate what are the challenges in India’s economic growth, In the last few years, the Economic Survey was released in the form of Part A and Part B, apart from which information related to inflation rate and projections, forex reserves, and trade deficits was also available. It is expected that like every year the Economic Survey will be released this year as well. 

Economic Survey 2023 Part A will give details about the major economic developments in the financial year 2022-23 along with a board review of economic growth, and by reading Part B, you will able to know all about the social security, poverty, education, healthcare, human development, climate, etc, along with the details about the various government schemes and their performance in last financial year.

Economic Survey History 

The Economic Survey was first presented in Parliament along with the Budget for the 1950–51 financial year. The Union Budget and Economic Survey were separated in 1964, since then every year it is released 1 day before the budget is presented.‌ 

Many political parties have come to power in India since independence and all of them have accepted that with the help of economic survey they find it easier to prepare Union Budget for the next financial year, and with the help of Economic Survey police makers can also understand that now what changes do they need to make in their policies so that more and more people can be benefited, which will lead to the upliftment of India.

Where and where to watch Economic Survey 2023?

Budget 2023-24 session is going to start today i.e. 31st January 2023, Economic Survey will be publicly released on the official website after being tabled in Parliament by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitarmana, you can watch live streaming of Economic Survey 2023 on Sansad TV’s youtube channel. Let us tell you that the Economic Survey for the last financial year i.e. 2022-23 will be released at as PDF, you will be able to read it by downloading.