How to Download PTRC Challan? Receipt PDF & Online Payment!

The official website of the Goods and Services Tax Department of each state’s jurisdiction is where professional taxpayers can jointly pay the PTRC, per the notification. To obtain a certificate of registration, such as a Professional Tax Registration Certificate (PTRC) or a Professional Tax Enrollment Certificate, in order to pay Professional Tax, every taxpayer must understand How to Download PTRC Challan.

How to Download PTRC Challan

A person must submit a PTRC application within 30 days of the date on which state professional tax becomes due. He must submit an online application in a timely manner, failing which an authorised agency may impose penalties.

You can pay your professional taxes online by going to the state’s website for sales or professional taxes, depending on where you work or operate your firm. The State government has made new electronic payment technology available for the payment of profession tax. According to the new method, the professional taxpayer can use the official website of the States Goods and Services Tax Department to make a single online payment for both the PTRC and PTEC.

In fact, e-filing becomes a required option in the event that you pay your professional tax on a monthly basis. On the Mahavat website, for instance, you can file your professional tax in Maharashtra in a matter of seconds.

If your tax burden exceeds Rs. 50,000 in a year, you must file returns and make payments on a monthly basis. You have until the final day of the following month to pay your professional tax. However, if your total obligation is less than Rs. 50,000, you can just file your taxes once in March at the conclusion of the fiscal year.

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What is PTRC?

A Professional Tax Registration Certificate (PTRC) is required for the business acting as the employer. When an employee’s compensation exceeds Rs. 7500 per month, the company is required to deduct professional tax from the wage it pays to the employee.

Companies with directors must register for a professional tax number. If a director is a full-time director or managing director, that director is regarded as an employee of the corporation, and the company must withhold Rs. 200 per month (Rs. 300 for the month of February) from each director’s compensation and pay that tax at the appropriate intervals. No separate Professional Tax Enrollment number must be obtained by the directors.

How to Download PTRC Challan

How to Make PTRC Payment Online?

Look at the simple procedures below to pay your Maharashtra professional tax online.

Step 1: Then click the e-payment option after first visiting the Mahavat website.

Step 2: Use your TIN Number to log in to the portal, then choose e-payment.

Step 3: When you log in successfully, MTR Form No. 6 will appear. By default, it will include all of your information and TIN.

Step 4: the type of electronic payment, the payment month, the amount, and the location under which you are registered next. You cannot edit any information once it has been submitted, so be sure to enter it all precisely.

Step 5: If the system does not support periodicity, options, Depending on your tax liability for the previous year, choose either a monthly or annual payment schedule.

Step 6: When making a professional tax payment on behalf of your employees, you should use Form ID ‘VIII’. If you don’t think this applies to you, you can choose “Other” and then select the relevant remark from the drop-down menu.

Step 7: Click to submit the form after you are through filling it out. The GRN, or government request number, will be generated right away. You can select “Pay” to finish the transaction for paying your professional taxes.

Step 8: Save the receipt that will appear after a successful transaction.

How to Download PTRC Challan Receipt PDF Online?

Step 1: Following a successful payment, the system will redirect the customer to the Maharashtra Goods and Services Tax Department web portal. Separate “Cyber Receipts” will be generated for the and PTRC.

Step 2: Taxpayers can save the electronic receipt to use in future communications.

Step 3: If the receipt is not generated or if they are unable to do so immediately, the taxpayer can download it later.

Step 4: To download the challans for the e-payment, the user must go to the MGSTD website. After logging in, select the payments option for e-services, VAT, and Allied Acts.

Step 5: After selecting the pending transaction history option, click Act.

Step 6: Selecting the submit option, all payments made under the Act will be displayed.

Step 7: If the challan is in the pending or blank status, the “Get Condition” button will appear in front of the Status column.

Step 8: By selecting “Get Status,” the user can obtain current status. Following that, the “View Chalan” button will take the place of the “Get Status” button. The taxpayer’s computer’s “View Chalan” button will allow them to generate a digital receipt.

Step 9: Save the document that appears after a successful transaction to demonstrate to the Maharashtra government that you have paid your professional tax.

I’d like to wrap off this section by discussing how to download PTRC challan online. Hope this was helpful. If you have any questions mention them in the comments section below.

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