CBA Dividend Date 2023, Share Price, Rate Hikes, Growth Volume

CBA Dividend Date is February 15, 2023, and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA.AX) reported record profits. However, buying shares of the institution resulted in a decline due to headwinds facing its mortgage business and concerns that its margins may have reached their maximum.

CBA Dividend Date 2023

The COMMONWEALTH BANK OF AUSTRALIA INTERIM DIVIDEND DATE is 15th February 2023. The largest financial institution in Australia reported that its loan impairment expenses rose by A$586 million ($409 million) and that corporate credit expansion slowed due to strong inflationary pressures, rising interest rates, and a decrease in property prices.

Chief Executive Officer Matt Comyn states, “We expect corporate credit growth to decrease, and we also expect global economic growth to slow during the year 2023.” Despite this, we maintain the optimistic view that a smooth landing for the Australian economy is possible.

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CBA Share Price

In early trading in Sydney, shares of the bank dropped as much as 5.7%, while the broader market (.AXJO) dipped 1.0%. This was due to fears of a weaker mortgage business in an environment characterised by high-interest rates and the bank’s lending margins reaching their peak.

Concerns that NIMs (net interest margins) have peaked are likely to increase as 2H23 brings more headwinds from deposit switching, accelerated headwinds in the mortgage industry, and a cash rate closest to the peak, as Citibank wrote in a note following the earnings announcement. 

Because of “accelerating headwinds in the mortgage market, a cash rate that is closer to the top, and additional headwinds from deposit switching likely in 2H23,” “Asset quality was strong in this result; nevertheless, there is a likelihood that there will be a view that it will worsen from here on out as revenue tailwinds are starting to diminish,” The CBA stated that although greater earnings on deposits drove up net interest margin to 2.10% from 1.92% a year earlier, it was partially offset by increased competition in the home lending market.

CBA Dividend Date

CBA Rate Hikes

After eight rate hikes through 2022 and an additional rate hike of a quarter of a basis point just the week before, the central bank has suggested that further rate hikes are on the way to combat inflation. The housing market has slowed down due to the rising interest rates, which has contributed to the increasing cost of living pressures.

Comyn stated in a presentation to analysts and investors that “we are cognizant that many of our customers are facing significant strain as a result of rising interest rates.” This is in addition to the growing costs of power, groceries, and other products that are used in the household.


Comyn reported that some clients have dipped into their savings and cut back on their expenditures but have not yet fallen behind on their repayments. He noted that the margins have not recovered to the levels they were at before COVID, and he added that the margins reached their highest point on a month-on-month spot basis in October. Many CBA mortgage borrowers are not likely to experience an increase in their interest rates until later this year since it is anticipated that a large number of loans with lowly priced fixed rates will mature by the end of the year.

Comyn informed investors on the call that homeowners would have only seen around half of the expected impact on monthly cash flows up until this point if there were two more hikes to the cash rate. According to CBA’s announcement, the company’s cash profit from continuing operations increased to A$5.15 billion in the six months that ended on December 31, up from A$4.75 billion a year earlier. This figure is in line with a consensus projection on Visible Alpha.

CBA Dividend Volume Growth 

It announced an interim dividend payment to shareholders of A$2.10 per share, an increase from the A$1.75 it paid to shareholders the previous year. The financial institution said that its “problematic and impaired” assets decreased by $500 million over the period and now total $6.3 billion.

The company’s home loan volume growth has slowed, resulting in gross lending of AU$77 billion for the first half of the year, which is a decrease from AU$94 billion during the same period a year earlier. In addition to the previous announcement in February about the purchase of shares for A$2 billion, the bank stated that it would repurchase additional shares for A$1 billion. click to check more Finance updates.